Dad Sparks Debate: Using Leashes on Quintuplets

Dad Sparks Debate Using Leashes on Quintuplets

Being a parent nowadays can be tough, especially with everyone having an opinion. Young parents get advice from family and often face criticism from strangers online about their parenting choices.

Jordan Driskell, a young dad with quintuplets (five babies born at the same time), knows this challenge firsthand. His quintuplets are now five years old, and taking care of five kids the same age can be a handful! Especially when they’re curious five-year-olds who love to explore.

Jordan Driskell, a dad of quintuplets, found a creative solution to managing his energetic five-year-olds. He decided to use child leashes to keep them safe and under control when they’re out and about.

Previously, the family used a six-seater stroller, but it became impractical as the kids grew restless and the stroller became difficult to maneuver.

With the leashes, the quintuplets can now run and explore while their dad keeps a watchful eye on them, ensuring their safety.

However, a video Driskell shared of their aquarium trip using the leashes sparked controversy online. The video went viral, with over 3 million views, and many people criticized the use of leashes, saying children aren’t animals and shouldn’t be treated as such.

“Don’t have so many kids if you can’t handle the stress,” said some others.

Others looked down their noses at them and said, “Can’t you just properly train your kids?” Talk to them about why running away is dangerous.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, who studies parenting and teen growth, had a different view. She doesn’t believe that a leash will make your kid feel like an animal. So, if staying home is the only other choice, then, of course, the leash is the better choice!

Dr. Gilboa said that a leash is a great way to keep younger kids or kids with neurodiversity under control in public places. As for neurotypical kids not being able to run free by eight or nine years old and not having learned how to listen, she said that could be a problem.

By then, parents shouldn’t need things like leashes to talk to their kids; they should be able to do it just by talking.

Parents should be able to raise their kids however they want without having to worry about what other people will think.

What do you think about kids walking around with leashes on? Write your answer in the box below. Get your family and friends to read this and let you know what they think!

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