“Our Blooming Youth” Jeon So Nee’s Privileged Life Is Overturned Overnight


“Our Blooming Youth” has dropped an exciting first look at Jeon So Nee’s character!

tvN’s “Our Blooming Youth” will tell the love story of Lee Hwan, a crown prince suffering from a mysterious curse, and Min Jae Yi, a genius woman falsely accused of murdering her family. Park Hyung Sik will star as Lee Hwan, the prince who must clear Min Jae Yi’s name, while Jeon So Nee will play Min Jae Yi, who will remove Lee Hwan’s curse.

Min Jae Yi is the daughter of a noble family who’s praised by the civilians of Gaeseong for her gentle personality. Contrary to how she presents herself, Min Jae Yi is actually incredibly free-spirited and determined to get to the bottom of any death case. When someone dies, Min Jae Yi has to reveal the cause in order to clear her mind, which means she’s solved dozens of cases while utilizing her brother’s name. As there are times she must sneak into dangerous sites, she’s naturally become skilled in swordsmanship and archery.

Amid this personal mission, Min Jae Yi’s life is faced with a massive change when she’s falsely accused of murdering her family and labelled as a murderer overnight. In order to prove herself innocent, Min Jae Yi does everything she can to escape.

The newly released photos of Jeon So Nee capture the struggles Min Jae Yi endures while on the run. Although once a classy lady of a noble family with perfect clothing and hair, Min Jae Yi is suddenly seen covered in blood while wandering the mountains, reflecting the extreme difficulties of her newfound life of escapism.


The last still shows Min Jae Yi in disguise to avoid the eyes of the government army. With her top knot, bag, and hat, Min Jae Yi looks like every other merchant, but her eyes glimmer with fear as she worries about getting caught. Will Min Jae Yi successfully get to the bottom of her family’s murders and prove herself innocent?

Producers of “Our Blooming Youth” explained, “Min Jae Yi is someone who moves forward while believing in herself, rather than her predetermined fate or society’s rules. Please look forward to the acting of Jeon So Nee, who will add immersion into Min Jae Yi’s story of moving forward in the right direction with strong energy.”

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