“The Forbidden Marriage” Kim Young Dae And Park Ju Hyun Are So Close Yet So Far


“The Forbidden Marriage” has previewed yet another struggle in its two main characters’ romance in the upcoming episode.

Based on the web novel of the same name, MBC’s “The Forbidden Marriage” is a romance drama starring Kim Young Dae as King Yi Heon, who falls deep into despair after the death of his wife and ends up prohibiting marriage in his kingdom. Seven years after the loss of his wife (played by Kim Min Ju), who was then the crown princess, he comes across a con artist named So Rang (Park Ju Hyun) who claims that she can be possessed by the late princess’ spirit.


In the previous episode, So Rang and Yi Heon resolved their misunderstanding, and Yi Heon finally made a sincere confession to So Rang, signaling the start of their full-fledged romance.

However, in the upcoming episode, So Rang and Yi Heon will encounter another crisis as they face the wall of harsh reality. After his confession, Yi Heon’s feelings for So Rang only get stronger by the day. But just when he thinks their relationship is finally advancing and he approaches So Rang, So Rang stops Yi Heon and brings up a heavy discussion regarding their future.

A heated argument soon follows as the atmosphere suddenly turns icy in an instant. With only four episodes left, viewers are curious to find out if the romance between So Rang and Yi Heon will bear fruit and successfully end the no-marriage law in the kingdom.


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